Interspecies Communication As Experienced By An Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise because they spent much of the time grappling with communication issues. Universal translators, missing databases, peculiar methods of communication, and one memorable episode without a translator. I...

A Conspiracy Theory Regarding Encryption Creating My Dilemma

It seems that the current trend on social media is overwhelmingly conspiracy theories, especially as elections draw near. I’m not particularly drawn to the political ones, but I'm gripped by a conspiracy theory regarding encryption that's threatening to upend my...

Musings On My Greatest Achievement As I Enter Retirement

When I retired, there were a few questions that everyone seemed to ask: how did I feel about stepping into retirement (frankly, terrified) and what was my first project going to be (the rebuilding of my dilapidated well house). Yet, there was one question that...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

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A look at the less technical side of life

Retirement, A Very Personal Fear

Retirement, A Very Personal Fear

Fear is a funny thing. I’ve seen grown men injure themselves to escape a common garden spider. Personally, I’m petrified when I have to climb higher than 3 feet on a ladder. They’ve never been bitten by a spider, I’ve never fallen off a ladder, so why the paralyzing...

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2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023, I’m Very Glad To See It End

2023 is now firmly in my rear view mirror and I have zero feelings of nostalgia. It was tough losing two of our beloved dogs to cancer. Sundae had been a part of our family for 14 years, leaving a significant void, and even though Hilde was with us for just under a...

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  • Rest In Peace Kindle Write On, I Hardly Knew YouRest In Peace Kindle Write On, I Hardly Knew You
    From the moment I learned about the existence of Kindle Write On, I felt this was a fantastic idea. Here was a place for aspiring writers to put their efforts under the eyes of a supportive community. Last February I opened an account, screwed up my courage and posted two of my stories there. I expected all sorts […]
  • Why Does A Request For Advice So Often Result In An Argument?Why Does A Request For Advice So Often Result In An Argument?
    If there’s anything that can cause conflict between my wife and me, it’s a misunderstanding of my role in life when she makes a request for advice. Hmm, I said that poorly, let me give an example. You’re sitting at your computer, trying to understand why your 3D printer is printing spaghetti instead of the […]
  • Communication, Google and a Nexus 7Communication, Google and a Nexus 7
    Communications has always been an important issue for me. Over my career, I’ve had to fix more problems caused by poor communications than anything else. These problems can be caused by someone assuming that their audience is in possession of more information than their actions suggest or by not responding to the question. If I […]

Random Posts

  • Opinionbypen Hits 10,000 ViewsOpinionbypen Hits 10,000 Views
    Sometime this last week, Opinionbypen had its 10,000th page view. For those of you who, like myself, love numbers, that’s an average of 556 views a month or 18 views a day.  I’m proud of that number because those are page views by real humans, not bots. If I counted visits from bots the number […]
  • All Natural Ingredients With Scientific ProofAll Natural Ingredients With Scientific Proof
    Have you ever considered exactly what they are telling you when you hear “all natural ingredients” or “scientific proof” in an advertisement? I know that “all natural ingredients” is trying to infer that natural ingredients are better than artificial ingredients. If you read the ingredients on Chips Ahoy Cookies (mentioning them gives me an excuse […]
  • Windows 10 Versus Chromebook, What Does Intregity Have To Do With It?Windows 10 Versus Chromebook, What Does Intregity Have To Do With It?
    I’m writing this on a Chromebook. Think of it more as an experiment rather than a review of Chromebook capabilities. Why? When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I saw it as an opportunity to upgrade my computer. A little research and I realized that in order to upgrade, I would have […]

Random Posts

  • Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?Upgrading To The Prusa MK3S From the Prusa MK2 , Is It Worth It?
    It’s Saturday night as I listen to my new Prusa MK3S and wonder how I can justify my purchase of a third 3D printer to my wife. After two years, my Prusa MK2 was getting a bit long in the tooth. My prints were no longer a thing of beauty. Where I used to have […]
  • Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6Betrayal at Neverwinter Mod 6
    (If you’re not into MMORPGs, Neverwinter mod 6 in particular, do yourself a favor and skip this.) You say you want me to help you kill a dragon? Times must be worse than I thought when you have to scour taverns to get a group together. Still, like myself, I know that lots of the […]
  • Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?Cloud Encryption, Prudent or Paranoia?
    On a typical day I’ll use Dropbox three or four times. It provides an almost seamless method of sharing files between my smartphone, either of my tablets (iPad and Android) and my PC. I also use Dropbox to share pictures and files with my Wife and Mother-in-law. As far as a cloud application goes, it […]

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A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • ControlsControls
    I want you to try an experiment. Pick a remote control that you use frequently and tell me what each switch does. Odds are that you can’t. I would even guess that you only use a few of them. As an engineer I love choices. The more controls you give …
  • The Way We Present Numbers Reveals A Lot About UsThe Way We Present Numbers Reveals A Lot About Us
    The first time I saw Spock turn to Captain Kirk and say, “This plan only has a 5.377 percent probability of success,” I was hooked. Spock was able to use his massive intellect and compute the probability of the Enterprise surviving an encounter with the Romulans to three decimal places. …
  • Opinionbypen 2016 Goals in Review, How Well Did I Do?Opinionbypen 2016 Goals in Review, How Well Did I Do?
    I force my wife to read the first draft of all my posts. I’ve found that this keeps me out of trouble with her and gives me some insight on how people will feel when they read it. I mention that because after reading this post she said I always …
  • How To Torture An Engineer, An Engineer’s Wife Shows You The WayHow To Torture An Engineer, An Engineer’s Wife Shows You The Way
    Ever wonder how to torture an engineer? You know you want to get rid of that smug know it all attitude. No, I’m not talking about staking us to an antbed. Over the years, my wife has developed some very effective techniques. Let me share an example with you. Last …
  • Contempt For Others, An Object LessonContempt For Others, An Object Lesson
    During my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very skilled engineers. I’ve managed to learn from all of them but one stands out from the rest, not because he was such a good engineer, although he was, but rather because he taught me a very valuable lesson …

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