Adjusting To Retirement After A Lifetime Of Employment, A Journey

For all the fears I had about retirement, I wasn't expecting the real problems. First, there was the insurance dilemma. It turns out that my wife was too young for Medicare, and there's no such thing as a family plan that covers both of us. I ended up juggling two...

Company Buyouts, Good For The Consumer?

You're justifiably proud of your waffle maker. It was a lesser-known brand, yet it cost half as much as its competitors, and its brilliant texture sensor guaranteed you got flawless waffles every time. Unfortunately, as soon as you plugged it in, someone mistook your...

Interspecies Communication As Experienced By An Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise because they spent much of the time grappling with communication issues. Universal translators, missing databases, peculiar methods of communication, and one memorable episode without a translator. I...

From the Doghouse

A look at dogs having fun

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My gallery of pictures I’ve created in Poser

Nature by Carol

A look at the less technical side of life

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  • Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?Do Dogs Have Psychic Powers?
    I’d like you to consider the possibility that dogs have managed to develop a psychic bond with us. I know the animal psychologists say that dogs are extremely perceptive and watch us for small clues. That’s why our dogs turn into a pack of whirling dervishes when my wife gets her car keys. They know […]
  • ESD Training, A Poser OpportunityESD Training, A Poser Opportunity
    Almost everyone has heard the term ESD, ElectroStatic Discharge. It’s the little shock you get on a cold dry morning as you touch the doorknob. It’s seldom fatal to us unless it comes in the form of lightning, also a form of ESD. Fifty years ago, unless you were working with explosives or selling lightning […]
  • Change, It’s Not Always ApparentChange, It’s Not Always Apparent
    I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, he was contending that there had been no major changes in our lives over the last five years. Of course I brought up drones, 3D printers and well, that was the problem, I couldn’t think of anything that was changing our […]

Random Posts

  • Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Comment?
    The majority of Website owners want you to leave comments. After all, the only reason their site exists is for you to visit. Comments show you took enough time reading the post to make your comment. So why is it so hard to leave a comment? Why do these websites want our email addresses, force […]
  • What To Buy for the Engineer in Your Life?What To Buy for the Engineer in Your Life?
    Every year around this time my wife agonizes on what to get me for Christmas. This year I decided to help her by writing what to buy for the engineer in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hard to shop for but my wife and I live in two different worlds. Her world […]
  • Small Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy ItSmall Talk, How This Engineer Learned To Enjoy It
    It should come as no surprise that I regard social get togethers as a form of state sanctioned torture. There’s multiple reasons but the main issue is small talk. There’s no polite way to say how much I suck at small talk. At first mention of the train wreck to be of the current Bachelor […]

Random Posts

  • Is It Murder If You Club Your Beeping Carbon Monoxide Detector Into Silence?Is It Murder If You Club Your Beeping Carbon Monoxide Detector Into Silence?
    I like to think that my wife has learned a lot from me about dealing with recalcitrant electronics. Still after analyzing the situation,when she uses a hammer to completely destroy a beeping carbon monoxide detector in her RV, I find myself applauding her initiative.  To make it worse, I realize I can only blame a […]
  • Without Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And ServiceWithout Net Neutrality Expect Cable Television Content And Service
    Net neutrality is one of the things that keeps the Internet from becoming an echo of the vast cable television nothingness. If you were to take a survey of the most hated companies in the US, I’m willing to bet that the cable companies would top the list. Nobody likes their bundling, their tiered pricing […]
  • Why Do I Need To Change My Passwords So Frequently?Why Do I Need To Change My Passwords So Frequently?
    I was in a discussion about passwords a few days ago when somebody mentioned that it was a good idea to change your passwords frequently. That sounds good on the face of it but if you have a strong password should you change it frequently? It’s that frequent changing that causes us write them down […]

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From the Doghouse -It’s all about them

A look at dogs having fun!

Short Stories

With posts like these, ever wonder what kind of fiction I would write?

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  • Criticism, It’s Not Always BadCriticism, It’s Not Always Bad
    When I started this website I was really concerned about the comments that I would receive. How much tolerance would I have for negative comments? Would I get a multitude of negative comments? Could I handle the criticism without giving up completely? I guess I really didn’t need to worry …
  • How To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An EngineerHow To Get A Solar Powered Potting Table. Married To An Engineer
    I’m not going to say I was manipulated into my solar powered potting table but looking back at it, the signs were there. Shortly before our anniversary, my Wife started showing me potting tables made by other men for their wives. The thing was, none of these tables looked like …
  • Why All The Negative Political Ads? Are Politicians Afraid Of A Position?Why All The Negative Political Ads? Are Politicians Afraid Of A Position?
    I just finished exercising my political rights by voting against all the candidates so far from my own political views that I had no choice but to vote for their opposition. Looking back on my experience, I realize every vote I made was for the lessor evil. I did my …
  • How To Identify An EngineerHow To Identify An Engineer
    How do you identify an engineer? My wife and I have frequent discussions about engineers being a unique class of people. She feels that communication with me is difficult because I think differently than most people. I feel that communication with me is far simpler than with other people as …
  • Sundae at the Agility NationalsSundae at the Agility Nationals
    Sundae reports from Agility Nationals         I’ve seen my world from hotel room windows all over America. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners. My name is Sundae, I’m an Australian Shepherd and I compete in agility. Mom is always taking …

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