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February 4 through 10

Written By: Admin - Mar• 27•13

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Cajun Staff – Must see TV for this Monday and Tuesday night (2/11/2013, 2/12/2013), the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Bryce Staff – I’m enjoying an Agility show this weekend. Other dogs seem to prefer a more glamorous pastime. ny-pet-fashion

Sundae Staff – When I’m asked what kind of food I want, I say pizza. When I’m asked what kind of food is best for me, I use this link best dog foods ranked

Sundae Staff – A short video on how not to act when you get caught. I might need to study it a few more times, which is the guilty dog

Shelby Staff – Some really nice pictures of sled dogs – dogs_and_sleds


SundaeStaff – For all the do it yourself folks out there – email-treats-to-your-dog


Marley From Marley in Mesquite Texas – Dog TV….the first cable TV for dogs. Do you have to leave your dog home alone when you go to work? Well, now you can make the hours you’re away more enjoyable. Right now it’s only available in California on your TV but you can subscribe to it on your computer. Check it out… Oh, and there’s also an app so you can put it on your iPhone or iPad.

Sundae Staff – Great concept but needs a better view of the TV – Sofa doghouse


BryceStaff – An intelligence test for dogs. Is this really necessary? – App asks how smart is your dog

DylanFrom Dylan in Mesquite Texas – The directions are self explanatory but the short answer is every time you click on the “click here” button it provides a .06 cup dog food. I’ve trained my owner to click it several times a day, theanimalrescuesite

If you have interesting canine related news please send it to Include a picture of your dog and we’ll put it with the link. For those of you unfortunate enough to be without dogs and still wanting to contribute, Chance has agreed to represent you.

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