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February 11 through 17

Written By: Admin - Mar• 27•13

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Dylan From Dylan in Mesquite Texas – “Sometimes I think humans just totally forget that we dogs have a certain amount of dignity that we strive to maintain. Behavior like this does not make it easy.” zelda-the-border-collie-balances-things-on-her-head-gallery

Sundae Staff- The future precision Scotty drill team? Scotty Pinwheel


Bryce Staff- Still cute and doing well – Stars of Puppy Bowl


Cajun Staff – Pictures from Westminster, westminster


Marley1 From Marley in Mesquite Texas – Marley is surprised it took so long for us to figure this out. ** Dogs ‘understand minds of humans’ ** According to researchers dogs are more capable of understanding events from a human’s point of view than had previously been recognized, .

Sundae Staff – They say they only did this with penguins but how long before they try observing us with robot dogs. spy-camera-robot-penguins-infiltrate-bird-colonies

Dylan1 From Dylan in Mesquite Texas – I have a saying that I live by…..”nothing good ever happened to me on the other side of the gate”. This has served me well but because my Mama loves me and knows how special I am she takes very good care of me. My brother and I now wear digital pet ID tags from These tags have a code on them that can be scanned by any smart phone. This scan directs you to PetHubs National Recovery Database with all the information necessary to reunite me with my family. You can never be too safe.


If you have interesting canine related news please send it to Include a picture of your dog and we’ll put it with the link. For those of you unfortunate enough to be without dogs and still wanting to contribute, Chance has agreed to represent you.

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